New HyPe Project Activities

Development of hybrid coatings

Development of hybrid coatings

Sol-Gel based hybrid polymers will be used as materials for the mulch paper coatings or matrix binders. Different chemical compositions will be tested and optimized by functional groups or by the degree of inorganic/organic crosslinking to enhance resistence to water, durability and strength. Different proper precursors will be selected and the process parameters (viscosity, solvents, etc.) will be considered.

The surface polarity, tensile stiffness and strength are targets of special attention in designing this hybrid formulation. Specific attention will be given to UV-initiated polymerization to form the covalent network. This process is more compatible with in-line paper production processes.

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Project Activities

To reach the targeted goals, the project partners work hand in hand and to make sure that the results can be transferred into the production process after the end of the project, and an intensive exchange between the partners and countries is achieved. The project work is portioned in various technical activities, which, in addition to the important aspects such as reporting, dissemination and explications represent the center of the project.

Finale project meeting 2022
Final project meeting

At the beginning of January, the project team met for the final meeting in Espoo…
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Effects of chemical crosslinking agents on NBSK handsheet
Scientific publication „Effects of Chemical Crosslinking Agents“

VTT made a comparative study on the Effects of Chemical Crosslinking Agents on NBSK Handsheet.…
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Material properties and water resistance of inorganic–organic polymer coated cellulose paper and nanopaper
Scientific publication „Material properties“

The RISE PFI project team, together with Fraunhofer ISC and VTT, has published an article…
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