RISE PFI is an internationally acknowledged research institute within processes and products based on lignocellulose. PFI’s focus areas are biorefining and bioenergy, fibre technology and applications, nanocellulose and carbohydrate polymers and biocomposites. RISE PFI AS is part of the Swedish research institute RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden AB). Altogether, RISE counts with 2200 employees in 6 divisions, where RISE PFI is part of the RISE Bioeconomy division with a lot of running projects on utilization of nanocelluloses, It is the only research institute in Norway with core competence on nanocellulose including production, characterization and applications of nanocellulose.

Project Role

RISE PFI will be responsible for cellulose (nano)fibre fabrication & characterization. Therefore existing fabrication methods like mechanical production, production in combination with chemicals or enzymes will be used. The produced (nano)fibres will be chemically modified to optimize the properties of the nanofiber based mulch paper and/or to ensure the connection with the hybrid coating of Fraunhofer ISC. For this purpose the fibers will be modified with alkoxide –Si(OR)3 bearing or other chemically reactive groups which are able to undergo hydrolysis and condensation reactions. The modified fibers and nanocellulose based materials will be structurally and chemically characterized (e.g. by scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy). Also benchmarking materials will be evaluated by RISE in order to assess the relative improvement of the cellulose-based materials. Important features are the degree of dispersion of fibres, pore size/distribution, preferred orientation, fibre dimensions, and adhesion at the interface. Furthermore, the end materials (coated mulch papers) will be characterized by investigating the moisture/water response, biodegradation and physical and mechanical behavior, with the focus on the end-use (e.g. food safety for packaging, environmental impact).

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Project Activities

To reach the targeted goals, the project partners work hand in hand and to make sure that the results can be transferred into the production process after the end of the project, and an intensive exchange between the partners and countries is achieved. The project work is portioned in various technical activities, which, in addition to the important aspects such as reporting, dissemination and explications represent the center of the project.

Finale project meeting 2022
Final project meeting

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